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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 12, 2012, 2:41 AM
Hey everyone! Hope you are all good. :heart:

I'm really busy at the moment so sorry for slow replies and lack of updates.
Thanks so much to all the people faving my stuff and commenting. I wanna thank you all personally but sorry I haven't ><. If anyone wants to talk more add me on twitter or tumblr cos I go there much more than DA these days.

Big thanks to :iconshunhades: for buying me a sub!!!:heart::heart: I'm sorry I haven't made much use of it. :lmao:

To everyone who applied for the photo book thanks so much!:heart: It was real tough choosing. A few people here will receive a note from me later this week asking for full permission and a large version of your pic.
I wish we could have included everyone T.T.

Too much I could say so I think I won't :lmao:.

Bye for now :hug:

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Just an entry to say that Photo book entries are now closed. Thanks so much to everyone who sent pics!:heart:
I will let you know if you are chosen . It's gonna be hard choosing ><.

I have been pretty busy and stressed lately due to some big life changes and decisions ahead. I have decided to go after my dream instead of continuing working a job I don't really love. My dream is to work on films so this is what I will be doing next year. It's very exciting as things are going well so far but I know it is a risk. But hey if you never try you will never know right. This means I will be spending some time in America. I won't have much time for cosplay but don't plan to give it up yet. I have a few planned for later this year.
I wanted to say thanks also to the few people who replied to my notes about the film funding campaign, it really means a lot to me even if you can't help out.  I say this without bitter feelings but please remind me never to reach out for support again cos it feels too shit to be ignored by people you consider friends. T.T srsly…T.T *puts on Sherlock voice* I DON'T HAVE FRIENDS* lmao Nah actually I have been overwhelmed by the support from many people and it's going okay so far.:heart:

Still no real luck selling the costumes, I have a maybe buyer for one which is better than none xD.

My sub is gone :cry: I miss my sherlock gif spam already xD
Thanks again to the people who watch me and for all the comments and faves. :blowkiss:
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costume sales/photobook etc

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 27, 2012, 2:34 AM
Hey everyone, hope you are good. :heart:

I'm back at work now so not much time for DA. Missing the holidays, even though I still had to do other work xD.

My sub runs out soon but I don't mind as I don't use DA enough anymore to really notice a difference. :lmao:

Thanks to everyone who has put in some pics for the photo book. :heart:

I wanted to make it clear as some people didn't seem to realise: Not every pic will be selected. The three of us have been collecting pics to choose from and we have over 150. Only ten pics will be chosen for the book by us. Thanks again to everyone sending pics.

Disappointed with the costume sales. :( Everyone who first said they were going to buy pulled out. I guess Kuro really isn't popular any more.

I'm going to drop my limits on the prices which sucks cos I really need the money for moving. DX!!

I'll probably get a friend to list them on eBay or yahoo though as this is too slow. I'll also be selling some merchandise such as doujinshi,
figurines, kuromiyu stuff etc.

Thanks everyone for the faves/comments recently too! I was surprised anyone remembered me!:blowkiss:

Thanks also to new watchers! I'll try check you all out soon :heart:


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Enter to be in a Kuroshitsuji photo book etc

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 12, 2012, 3:47 AM
Hi :heart:

Sorry to come with another journal asking a favour xD


I've been asked to help gather Kuroshitsuji cosplay pics for a photo book featuring Kuroshitsuji cosplays which will be sold later in the year in Japan. They still need to fill about ten pages so if you could just send me a pic or a few you would like to enter for selection please do. If you are chosen you will receive a free copy of the photo book. Please only send pics you have  a HQ version of. All characters welcomed. It doesn't have to be a solo shot but please state which character you are and the name of the other cosplayer with their permission. Permission must be granted by the photographer also. :)

Sorry I should have said : Please post the links of the pics you would like to enter in the journal.

Still selling.
Waiting for so many replies DX . I removed the things that sold. Please feel free to make an offer,
I actually don't have a set price for anything…I just have a limit of what I wanted though am flexible.
Thanks to the people who replied to my notes. :heart:

Ciel-1214 by juunana

Blue costume parts only.

Kuroshitsuji-shizuka ni by juunana

Full costume and shoes. Socks, sock stoppers, wig and rings not included.

Kuroshitsuji - Shibatta by juunana

Shorts, jacket, shirt and neck tie.

Ciel by juunana

Full costume. Not including rings or wig or cane.

Hakuouki-Hajime Saito by juunana

Swords, boots and wig not included.

Ciel-Happy Candy Day by juunana

Full costume, no shoes or pumpkin 8D.

Ciel Phantomhive-Turkey by juunana

everything shown here.

Sorry I cba taking new pics of everything xD. Note me for prices. Will fit a small to Medium in any country.  More detail on sizes will be given if you are interested. Ship to any country. I will most likely be selling more stuff too. ciao.

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Selling Cosplays

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 1, 2012, 4:57 AM
Hi everyone :heart: Hope you are good! Thanks so much for all the birthday messages!!! It was nice to know you remember me. Anyways this journal is just to advertise some costumes I'm selling. Mostly Kuroshitsuji. All costumes are in almost new condition, worn once or twice etc. Only ciel cosplays for sale not Sebastian. I will try write something…more soon. Miss you :blowkiss:

Ciel-1214 by juunana

Blue costume parts only.

Kuroshitsuji-shizuka ni by juunana

Full costume and shoes. Socks, sock stoppers, wig and rings not included.

Alois Trancy-New Moon Drop by juunana

Full costume. Not including boots and socks and wig. SOLD

Kuroshitsuji - Shibatta by juunana

Shorts, jacket, shirt and neck tie.

Ciel by juunana

Full costume. Not including rings or wig or cane.

Hakuouki-Hajime Saito by juunana

Swords, boots and wig not included.

Ciel-Happy Candy Day by juunana

Full costume, no shoes or pumpkin 8D.

Tea is sold

Sorry I cba taking new pics of everything xD. Note me for prices. Will fit a small to Medium in any country.  More detail on sizes will be given if you are interested. Ship to any country. I will most likely be selling more stuff too. ciao.

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That part of me isn't here anymore.

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 17, 2012, 4:37 AM
Long time no journal…Hi. :heart:

I actually wrote some journals ages ago and never posted them but they seem unimportant now.
I guess I just wrote this to say I'm not really around here much anymore and probably wont reply or comment/ fave quickly.
I'll try to keep up as much as I can though. So sorry if I'm slow. ^^;

Juunana :heart:

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Journal Entry: Thu Dec 15, 2011, 8:32 AM
1. You must post these rules
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs
6. No crap in the tagging section about "You are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately have to tag 10 people!

Tagged by  :icontaiga524:

1.your fave type of art

I like too many kinds…but my favorite paintings are "The Twittering Machine" by Paul Klee and "The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun" by William Blake.

2.mp3 or phone?

Iphone =P

2.fave book?

Too many…some are Wuthering Heights, ASOIF series, The Alexander trilogy,
The Secret History.

3.fave actor?

….To be honest none really =|

4.fave tv series?

Hmm too difficult xD…too many um…The Soprano's, Ghost Adventures, Boardwalk Empire,
The Walking dead, Game of Thrones, Destination truth, AB FAB, Buffy/Angel,  southpark…many many more.

5.fave song?

Too many again…mostly songs by NIN,TOOL, Kalafina and BZN :lmao:

6.fave science type?

Physics… you like science

I find it very interesting…yes.

8.fave colour?

Black or Blue.

9.fave food?

Pizza or caramel IDK.




Tagged by :iconakabarayashiki:

1. What animes/shows are you watching right now?

Hmm none 8D.

2. Favourite song atm?

The Becoming by NIN.

3. You're in a war with three other buddies. As you walk through the forest, a grenade in front of you guys goes off. Would you jump in front to save your friends?

Well in my mind I would but judging from past situations LMAO no…

4. If you could live for another 50 years but die in a pool or corpses or die right now in paradise, which would you choose?

Neither…Id live for fifty years and figure a way to not die that day lmao.

5. Two doors. The frog says he'll talk, but he always lies. He says take the door to your right, which door?

Kick the frog through the right door and see what happens.

6. If you could arrange 100 roses, white or red, how many of each colour would you put in your vase?

Id dye the white ones black and have 100.

7. 7 things you would like to do before you die.

Visit many places/ countries I haven't... that's about it =/

8. Blood territory, your sister/girlfriend is wearing just a blue tanktop and blue jeans. Do you strip her or risk her life? *(blood territory is gang lingo for territory run by the red group, you cannot wear the rival colour there. Krimp territory is run by the blues, the reverse, you cannot wear red there.)

Make her jump in water so it looked black :lmao:

9. Emotions or Logic?


10. Your father has been gone various nights in a row, returning at odd hours in the morning or not until the next day and your mother is worried. What is the first thing you assume?

He joined the mafia.

11. Five diamonds are hidden in 12 bottles of purely opaque fluids, to get them, you must drink the liquids. 5 are poison, 7 are safe. Would you take the gamble?

I don't care for diamonds :lmao:


My questions for the ppl I tagged.

1) Are you prepared for a zombie apocalypse?
2) Who would you pay to see pictures of naked?
3) Are you a belieber?
4) Have you ever planned to murder someone in your head?
5) What's the creepiest place you have ever been?
6)Did you ever drink Baileys from a shoe?
7) Have you ever had a crush on someone kinda shame? If so who?
8) Where do whores go?
9) Lando or Fett?
10) Can you speak another language? If so say something!
I tag…:iconsidonzo::iconmerjialberto-emohapy::icondruellablackrosier:

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Journal Entry: Fri Dec 2, 2011, 4:45 AM
Thanks to all my watchers who support me!!! Love you!!!:heart:
Welcome to new watchers also :hug::heart:.

Umm haven't done much…just my job and working on cosplay. It got freaking cold suddenly ><. Also recently my knees have been playing up very bad I couldn't walk one day. The arthritis seems to get worse every year just like the doctors said it would. Sucks yo!

Last week I went to a Kalafina concert here in Tokyo which was really amazing just as every time Ive seen them live. The concert was the After Eden special live. They all looked and sung beautifully. I loved when they sang Kagayaku sora no shijima ni. Hikaru came out with a trident candle and it was very beautiful DX!!! I got tears in my eyes like a big sap :lmao:. When they sang snow falling fake snow fell from the roof and it was very beautiful also DX!

Some nice things have happened for me with some of my cosplay photo's being selected for things.:)
A picture of mine was in the Australian convention animania's calander. The photographer Floatyman:heart: entered and was chosen. Also entered by him, the same picture was chosen to appear in a cosplay exhibit in the Sydney Power house museum in December. Also earlier this month a picture of mine was chosen to be in an expo in Sapporo in Hokkaido. I was very flattered to be asked :). You can see the catalogue for the expo here :…
I think I'm on page ten =/.

So recently I did my first DA poll. I was surprised anyone voted so thanks to the people who did!
I'm glad it was a positive result also. I think Da glitched somehow during the poll and for a while I could see who voted what…oh well :lmao: little disappointed in a few people/ fakers but I will focus on the good side. I kinda hoped people who chose "maybe" would state a reason…but I guess not :lmao:.
Anyways due to the positive result I think I will go ahead with what I planned and make a photo book which will include a rom with a cmv. It will take a lot of time to make and plan but Ill let you know in the future when it is complete (if I can manage lmao ). I'm estimating a price of about 15-20 AUD. Due to the poll results I think Ill stick to a lower amount of copies, maybe 50-even though its cheaper to print 100 @@, as I'm sure not everyone interested would actually buy and I cant guess from all the maybes xD. Anyways none of this is for certain yet…its just been something I've wanted to do for a long time.

Less than a month till my vacation in Australia!!! I cant wait for summer and to see my family and friends :heart:!!!

Take care everyone :heart::heart::blowkiss:

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Happy Halloween!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 30, 2011, 8:32 AM
Happy Halloween (Japan time) everyone!!

I didn't get to do a Halloween cosplay photo shoot like planned so have a spaztastic phone pic instead. :iconhurrdurrplz:
I am sexy 8D !

The last few weeks have been very busy. My work has had so many Halloween events and parties!! Fun times, many cute costumes, good food but also very tiering! I'm trying to arrange my trip to Australia for Christmas…man the planes are expensive DX!
cosplay etc
I got a new camera which I will test out soon! I still have a lot of backlog pics though . >.> IDK! I haven't felt good about my cosplay recently T.T.
A few weeks ago I suggested a DD and it actually got chosen!! I suggest quite a bit but no luck so I was very surprised! It felt really good, I wish I could always make people happy!

Hope everyone is good and has a fun Halloween!! Thanks again to my watchers who comment/fave :blowkiss: Love you guys :heart:.

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Hi everyone! I've been really busy the last few weeks so sorry for lack of replies or comments/faves on your works etc DX. This is a summary of my trip to America, believe me I left a lot of details out cos It would be too big! errrrr but it still is too long so I wont feel bad if no one reads it XD

My trip to America was so much fun but so busy!!! I had one of the best times ever!! I WANT TO LIVE IN LAS VEGAS!!!!!!Sin city :heart: So the trip was only for one week. I got to ride on the Airbus A380 for the first time and I must say it was so good!! I love that big ugly thing XD!! It's so slow to take off but cute somehow: ). I had to wear a face mask during the flight as I was still getting over a bad cold and the cabin air always does bad things to me >=. We watched Game of Thrones during the flight which was nice.

Me sick and sleepy on the plane. xD
The A380!!!:heart:

Landing in Los Angeles we flew by the Hollywood sign on the mountain which was a great welcome to America! It was so trippy going back in time. Going by America time my plane hadn't even left Narita yet LOL so weird. We were picked up and taken to our hotel in Beverly Hills. The Beverly Hills hotel!!!

Front. Me dead in the bed and me in the bathroom before sleeping after being awake for over 24hrs.

It is such a beautiful hotel on Sunset Blvd! I wish I could stay there forever! We didn't realise the emmy's  were on that night and actually there were all famous people in our hotel. I was too tired to really care about anything and was having trouble understanding anything…even though they speak English I really couldn't get anything!!! Looked around Berverly Hills a little then laid in bed and watched the emmy's. I was so happy when Peter Dinklage won for his role as Tyrion in GOT!!! So awesome and deserved! I slept like the dead and woke up to the nicest pancakes DX!!!I love all the palm trees in LA. You look out the window and its just so pretty. Anyways SolitaireXL picked us up…it was really funny cos all fancy cars were coming in then she arrived and the boot of her car wouldn't open LOL.
We drove up to where you can view the hollywood sign and a nice view of the city. We drove through Hollywood then headed towards Nevada.

Hollywood sign :heart:

On the way we stopped for lunch at in and out burger. I've never had it before but man I felt like I could never eat again after it! So filling. I was so shocked in the convenience store also. Everything is so BIG!!! We stopped by Calico ghost town which was really awesome. I love old mining things :lmao:. There wasn't many people there which made it have an extra creepy vibe which I love XD. To see the desert was really cool. I've seen desert before but not like this. I also couldn't stop taking pictures of the road signs lmao. I have always loved the movie fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, so to see all the town names like Barstow and Baker from the movie on the signs was so cool.*geek* We drove through Death Valley which was interesting also.

The sun had started to set and it was getting dark when we came around the mountain to see the Las Vegas strip for the first time. I must say that is one amazing sight. You could see the beam from the Luxor pyramid and I felt like a little kid I was so excited XD!!!.

The Luxor at night :heart:

It took ages to check in to our hotel and we had to fend off timeshare people :lmao: We stayed in the hotel/casino Excalibur which is freaking awesome :lmao: It looks like Disney Land :lmao: We had a suite with a Jacuzzi in tower II. I couldn't stop laughing at the big signs everywhere for a male stripper show called "The Thunder from Down Under" …..OTL Australia :lmao: After check in we went to Wal-Mart so I could look for a converter. My first time at Walmart ever lmao it was so big! I couldn't get a converter but I bought a pig king from angry birds plushie :lmao: .

Excalibur :heart:

The next day we got the bus out to a small airport so we could fly to the Grand Canyon. This was a completely breathtaking experience. I love the desert so much and the Canyon was just amazing. We went by Hoover dam also but you cant go inside anymore. After returning to Vegas we got to meet some of Soli's family. *squishes mini me*!!! Then as it got dark we got picked up and taken to a helicopter port. I was kinda sick of flying by now but Id never been in a helicopter before :lmao: It feels really different to a plane and was very smooth. We flew over the Las Vegas strip once it was dark and I must say it was another amazing sight.  I sound like such a tourist lmao…well I guess I was so its ok. XD. After the flight I was waiting for the others outside and these "suspicious" girls took a photo of me from a bus. I was completely weirded/freaked out LOLWTF! After we went to the Luxor for dinner…I almost died from the amount of food they gave us :lmao: so good tho.

The Grand Canyon and the Helicopter.:heart:

The next day was really hot. We walked to the Luxor and explored the grounds. There are many beautiful Egyptian statues and the sphinx. They had a display with artefacts from the titanic also! We then looked at Mandalay Bay which has the best swimming pool @@! Then after encountering a crazy man on the corner we walked down to the Las Vegas sign to take pics. This was completely killer…there was no shade and I could feel myself burning. We wanted to get a bus back and some how made it to a bus stop. The bus came and the driver said he didn't go down the strip and we asked him just to take us close but he shut the doors :lmao:. We gave up and walked to a Mc Donalds where I washed my face and got a drink to try not look like a tomato anymore :lmao:. Finally we made it back to the strip and visited the Tropicana. After there we walked past MGM and New York New York. We got the car and drove down to the other end of the strip going by all the casino's, Caesars palace, The Bellagio, The Venetian etc etc to Circus Circus. This will sound lame but since watching the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas I have dreamed of going to Circus Circus :lmao:. That is one of my favourite scenes in a movie ever. XD. It was such an awesome place too xD They have a circus act running on and off all day. We went to the thunder dome and rode the Canyon Blaster roller coaster. Soli screamed in our ears the whole ride and I actually nearly blacked out somehow!! I think I was just exhausted :lmao:. I ate the nicest hot dog I ever ate :lmao: We browsed the shops and I wanted to stay there longer but we had to get back to Excalibur for a dinner show.

Me at the Vegas sign. The Canyon blaster.Vegas strip.  Me chillin at the Luxor xD.

The show was called Tournament of Kings and it was the best thing ever :lmao:. The sections are all named after countries like Russia, Ireland, Austria etc. Our section was odd though cos it was called Dragon.:lmao: We were happy to be in Dragon though. Targaryen FTW. :lmao:
A man served us drinks as we sat and told us he would let the king know we had arrived :lmao:. The seats are around a kind of arena. The show is like a medieval tournament and everything is done old fashioned. You are meant to cheer for your king in the tournament. As the wizard and jester (a dwarf dressed in motley ftw) introduced the kings we were confused who was our king. Of course the bad guys show up and the dragon knight is the bad guy :lmao: Awesome :lmao:. The serve you soup in an old fashioned bowl, you have no spoon :lmao:. Dinner was a full chicken with vegetables and old fashioned bread which you must eat with your hands :lmao:. I got a pina Colada which was freaking huge :lmao:. It was a really fun night but of course the Dragon's lost in the end :lmao:. After the show I felt so drunk somehow. That giant Pina Colada was so strong! XD I felt sleepy and pretty much crawled in to bed and slept.

Team Dragon FTW!!!HAZZAH!The dragon knight =>.

We had to get up at 4am to get to the airport so this was a good idea anyways. I loved at the airport how there were slot machines :lmao: Seriously so lolz xD. I hated having to take my shoes off though :lmao: The advertisement for the check in had the kings from tournament of kings though which made me laugh xD.

As the plane took off at sunrise I actually got tears in my eyes looking down at the Vegas strip. T.T. I didn't want to leave DX!!!*clings to Vegas*. We landed in Newark and instantly it just felt different to the West coast. I guess the drab weather didn't help. We got a taxi to our hotel, The Hilton in Times Square. The drive was cool going by Jersey and through the tunnel I've seen in movies :lmao:. My first impression of NY was a giant compact city :lmao: It looks like a toy from a distance xD. We got a nice room on one of the top floors with a view. We decided to go look for the HBO store before we had to go to a broadway show. We followed iphone directions and somehow ended up back in times square :lmao:. We decided to take some pics there even though many people were saying rude things to us about being tourists. We just laughed though cos like cmon man….NY is a tourist destination, get used to it already!! If I see tourists in Sydney or Tokyo I think its cute somehow…so yeh I didn't really get their problem. Anyways we tried again to find the HBO store and realised we had walked right past it. Funnily we had all only looked at the star bucks next to it LMAO. I bought almost every Game of Thrones Tshirt and some from the Soprano's. I couldn't believe they had Chris's movie's T-shirts!!!XD. I wish I was in to Boardwalk empire at the time T.T. We went back to the hotel and got ready to go to Broadway. Luckily it was easy to find. We had really awesome seats in the fourth row!! We saw "How to succeed in business without really trying". It was a really great show and the actors were all amazing. Daniel Radcliffe really sang and danced well…it was so weird to see in a way xD. After the show the actors came out to sign some things but I spent most of that time talking to a nice local. I thought it was so cool his job is to be a clown LOL.

Me in Times square and the Broadway theatre.

The next day it was pouring rain. I skipped down a few buildings to buy some umbrellas…all they had was I love NY umbrellas which was kind of embarrassing but oh well xD. We walked to the corner and turned back. Ze Umbrella did nothzing!!! We tried to get a taxi which failed as none were available. Luckily our kind hotel concierge arranged a private car for us xD. We got chauffeured around NY which made life convenient. None of us could really understand the driver…house pronounced Hozay xD. I think after him saying things five times we finally got it. :lmao:
First we went to the empire state building. It was very foggy up top and I was glad we had a good look at it the day before. We then went down to the statue of Liberty. The sky and water was very grey. It felt kinda surreal to see it. I guess I've seen it so many times in pictures and on TV so to see it with my own eyes was a nice feeling. I also thought about my dad who had told me of when he was a young man and left his small countryside hometown in The Netherlands for the first time and came to New York working on a ship. It felt nice to imagine how he would have felt back then. We then went to Ground Zero which was not exactly joyful. It was too hard to imagine how it would have looked or been in that area on 911. House explained some things to us but…yeh I don't think any of us understood XD. We then went back up past radio city to central park. We went through and came out at the Guggenheim museum. I had wanted to go there since junior high school to see one of my favourite paintings ever. We went in and I was sad to discover it had been moved to the Museum of Modern Art many years ago OTL. I had checked a Japanese website recently which told me it was still in the Guggenheim so I was pretty annoyed. We looked around anyways and saw some amazing works. I got vertigo on about the third bend and kinda clambered to grab the wall. The people around me looked really confused :lmao:. To be honest the top few floors were disappointing. Call me whatever but some sticks sitting by some rocks in my opinion is not amazing art. Anyone can do that…I don't see the talent involved. I know a lot of modern art is questionable but I have seen some modern art that obviously involved talent and a vision. I guess I just didn't share this artworks vision :lmao:. After the Guggenheim it was time to head to JFK airport. The plane ended up being delayed about two hours so we sat and ate pizza. I was sad to say goodbye to Soli who was flying back to Vegas.

Gloomy weather statue of Liberty. Inside the Guggenheim.

Our plane to LA finally left…in to the worst turbulence I ever experienced in my life DX!!! I have never felt so scared on a plane. I have flown so many times I'm kinda used to it but this was crazy. Everyone was literally holding on to their seats DX!! It died off after about an hour thank god ><. We flew down over Utah and I waved to Taymeho :lmao:. I felt so good after landing in LA. I was back in the west and out of the sky xD. We went to our hotel, the hotel Roosevelt which is right across from the Chinese theatre in Hollywood. We chose to stay there cos apparently its haunted :lmao:. Our room was huge and awesome. I got the best hamburger I ever ate from room service XD. Pretty much died in bed after that. The next day we slept a bit late then went to look at the theatre and the street of stars. There were some ppl in crazy costumes which was pretty funny. Then it was back to LAX where we ate hotdogs and ice cream until the flight. I felt totally sad to be leaving America.

The West Coast from the plane as we said Bye Bye to America. T.T

It was too short but such an amazing time. I wished I could have met more friends and seen more places. The flight home was fine and the staff let me go upstairs on the airbus to see what it was like WANTOMG. Landing back in Tokyo I felt bleh cos I knew I had work the next day. So yeh it was a quick trip but one I will never forget. I'd have to say that week was one of the best of my life and I cant wait to go back!!!!

I will replace this journal soon as its too long DX!! Sorry to anyone who actually reads all that LOL.

Thanks to all my watchers and friends here :hug::heart::heart:
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Just a quick journal.

My trip to Australia was awesome! I saw all my family and met up with many friends.:heart:
I did a lot of cosplay shoots which were really fun! I love cosplaying with my friends!!! I realised I really need a new camera >< Mine takes the worst pics compared to everyone else's new Nikons!!!
I didn't get to do some things or see some people I wanted due to three days being taken up by medical tests I had to do. One of the scariest moments of my life was waiting for the results. ><!!!!Luckily it wasn't anything horrible. This was a huge relief ><. I'd felt very low about it for ages!!
Anyways thanks so much to my friends who made the trip fun. I wish I could stay longer!!
Since I got back to Japan I've just mostly worked as usual. I did go to Ueno zoo with some friends to see the Panda's! It was really fun but some of the animals made me feel really sad for them DX! I was shocked how big a Rhino and Hippo are!!!I'd never seen them before XD.
I will go to America soon and am glad that there has been a small change of plans so I will now go to New York also!!! I will see a Broadway musical which I have always wanted to do!!
Hope everyone is good and thanks again to everyone who watches/supports me here!!!
Big thanks to Floatyman for the sub also :heart::heart:!!!

:iconfloatyman: Thanks so much for visiting me in Australia!! Sorry my dad made us watch that seekers dvd LOLOLOL OTL. The shoot in the bush was so fun xD That bush turkey coming out of no where into our shot then digging a hole was hilarious!!! The beach shoot was really fun too!! Hope to have more good times soon!!:blowkiss:
:iconsakanamochi: It was so good to see you again DX!!I always love cosplaying with you. I dunno why but I can never be serious for long around you though xD I loved your cherry cos so much ><!!!And of course I'll always love sebas :heart: Thanks so much for organising the BM!!!
:iconchristie-cosplay: I love you so much xD!!! You always make me laugh :heart: Thanks for taking some pics for us!!!I really appreciate it :heart: Loved seeing you cosplay again too :heart:!
:iconrayfy: It was really great to meet you! Thanks for taking some pics for me and I hope we can hang out again one day!!!:heart:
:iconchar-min: Love youuuuuu:heart: So great to see you again! You are always so sweet and cute!! Hopefully Ill see you again at the end of the year *steals your pyjama's xD*:heart:
:iconkaiya-02: Nice to meet you finally!!!!Hope we can meet again soon!!!:heart:
:icongundamfamiglia: Great to see you even though it was short!!!Let me know when you will be in Japan!!!:heart:

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Just a quick journal. I have been really busy so sorry for slow replies/comments and ninja faves DX!!!
Thanks to all the new watchers!!!Please say hi sometime so I can check out your page etc!!!!
I realised I have over 2000 watchers now @@!!:heart:

Anyways I'm off to Australia so I might be slow to reply/comment etc for a few weeks.
I really need this break but so far its looking kind of hectic DX!

Also... (as suggested in the title, If you know where its from I:heart:U :lmao: )
I'm going to be going to America for the first time!!!!!!I never thought I'd get there so soon!
Another hectic trip but I can't wait to see a new country!!!:heart:

Thanks again to all my watchers, your support is always appreciated and I love to hear from you!!!:heart:

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Firstly thanks for 100000 views :heart: Thanks to all my new watchers!!!Also thanks to everyone who supports me here!!! Recently I have been overwhelmed with the nice comments and faves on my pics!!! Thanks so much >< :blowkiss:

Late but I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes on the 4th, here, on twitter, emails etc!!!! It was really really nice to see all of them.:heart: Also thanks to the people who drew me a present!!!I really love getting art presents!!!
Many people wished me a great day and I felt sad replying nicely when actually my Birthday really sucked. Not even a regular day sucks so much! I guess when it's your birthday it makes it worse somehow. I had work which was more hell than usual…I talked to my family on the phone which always makes me sad cos I cant be with them. I will see them soon though and I cant wait! Anyways thanks again it really cheered me up!:heart::heart: Holidays soon and I'm really trying to hang on until then as everything is really hard right now ><.!!

Special thanks to these people :love:
Thanks to :iconmitz-chan: for some points! :heart::heart:
Thanks to :iconlanmeimeia: for the pictures!:heart::heart:
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Thanks to :iconlonelyknight: for the picture!:heart::heart:
I put the name over it cos it seems art thief's cant help themselves...OTL
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Thanks to :iconnyabunny605: for the picture!:heart::heart:
Thanks to :iconlittle-aria: for the picture! :heart::heart:
Alone in his Gardenia by Little-Aria

You all so sweet :glomp:!!!!
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There was something I wanted to say…but I forgot 8D…OTL.
Oh I'm going to Australia soon!!! Yey get out of this heat OTL!
Game of Thrones ended DX!! But I must say I really loved it, usually book-TV is more disappointing.
I cant wait for season two already!!! Plus the next book will be out soon after like what 3-4yrs wait DX!!
Anyways I was tagged. >_>

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1)I like Kuroshitsuji too much! :icongetsomeplz:
2)I have pet momonga. :heart:
3)I live in Japan but I was born in Australia and am half dutch. Mixed up much? =|
4)I have been to over 20 countries.:heart:
5)I had a brief fling with a rockstar 8D.:iconhurrdurrplz:
6)I play guitar and Bass guitar.:heart:
7) I was an extra in a music video for the Oz band silver chair.:iconyeahplz:
8)I have arthritis in my knees and fingers since birth…DX.
9)If someone hates me I don't care cos I bet I hate myself more 8D.=P
10)I like sleeping more than anything :heart:.

:evillaugh:I tag:

:heart: Thanks to all watchers who comment/fave me!!!:heart:
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So……I got a daily deviation @@

……………This seriously broke my brain (´Д` )☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ .......................:iconreactionplz:

I seriously never thought anyone would suggest me for a Daily Deviation…or if they did that it would  be chosen. Thanks so much to :iconthayuu-chan: for suggesting me :heart::heart: I left you a message on your page but seriously I cant thank you enough >< :blowkiss::heart::heart:
Also thanks so much to hellfirediva for choosing my picture!!! :heart::heart:
Thanks so much to all my new watchers also!!!:heart: And of course thanks to all my watchers who comment/fave me. I love you and your support always! :glomp::heart: The last few weeks have been pretty rough, so yeh this really was a great surprise to come home to after a long day at work ><. :heart::heart::heart:
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これが最高の眺めだ :heart:
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Edit Thanks so much for 90000 pg views :heart: Thanks to all my new watchers too! Hope to hear from you all sometime xD!
So I posted a pic for my 90000 which I don't do often but I like this number :lmao:. If you saw on the pic in my description I said I was gonna give a present to one watcher of mine who commented/faved as a thank you. I selected a number at random and checked the faves list. I'm happy the winner was someone I know is always a good supportive friend to me here on DA :heart: Congrats :icongaarasasuke4515: Your number 190 came up xD :hug::iconyeahplz::iconyeahplz::iconyeahplz:
As I have so many doubles and triples of Kuroshitsuji stuff which I guess most my watchers like xD (merch,doujinshi,posters,nmd and rms teas...blah many things) I wanna give some of it away XD I have too much stuff in my room...So your present is this >>>
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Bigger pic here
I didnt want to unwrap the poster but it is the one from the character CD's, its the pic of Sebastian's cover...I have like three of them somehow :lmao: And some Kuro tea which i have ten zillion of XD Hope you like it!!!Notes for sending details :heart:
I might do this again sometime...I dunno why but It feels nice XD. :heart:

Just a short journal. My sub ran out so it makes journal boring ;_; WTC WHO GAVE ME A SUB!!!Tell me so I can thank you please DX I really feel not worthy of your kindness and really appreciate it >< :blowkiss::blowkiss:

Firstly the main reason for this journal is to ask you to please read ChibiMitzy's journal and please donate if you can. I really hope your family and everything will be okay Mitzy ><!!!. :hug::hug::hug::heart:

Go to her Journal here :…

Update:Also please if you can, please help BabyRodent Another sad happening >< Please read her journal. I hope that your family won't lose another pet ><. So cute ><!!!

Journal here:…

Times like this I wish I was rich >< I wish I could help people when they need it the most >< I have no way to send money unless its direct bank transfer which is even difficult to another country from Japan...the banking system here is in the dark ages somehow. No credit cards (well apart from the closed one Im still paying back 8D ) and no paypal >< Banned for life LOL......long story from when i was about 14 :lmao:

~Golden week.
I had a great time in Golden week in Hiroshima. Miyajima island was beautiful and it was nice to be by the sea again. The peace park was really interesting. I totally took a million photos of the A bomb dome. Its survival through the atomic bomb is amazing and its haunting structure was intense. It was such a surreal feeling to be there and all day I tried to imagine how it would have been to be there when the bomb was dropped…its totally unfathomable. The museum was interesting but of course depressing. I read every story and was especially sad when I came to the display of Sadako Sasaki. I wanted to go to Hiroshima since I was 9 years old and we read that book in school. I dunno why but Ive always been attracted to sad stories. It was totally depressing but I’m glad I could finally come face to face with it all. I left not feeling sad but a little angry. The anger quickly turned to inspiration as the people of Hiroshima don’t hold a grudge of hate and blame, they just promote peace and an end to the development of nuclear weapons. Some old men came and talked to us and shared some old stories and photo’s of a woman who survived and is still alive to this day. They gave us little paper cranes, it was really sweet.
We ate Hiroshima okonomiyaki which was so good but so filling XD !! Also I’m always frilled to go on the shinkansen…:lmao: I wanna show pics but links are too annoying DX. Anyways it was a good time even though it was short. Thanks to Anne and Space for the fun times. :heart:.

Thanks so much to all my watchers that comment/fave. Love you guys :heart:
Thanks to my new watchers too :heart:

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Just an update of things.:)

I have been really sick the past few weeks. Its slowly going away luckily just in time for Golden week. I only have one week holiday but it is much welcomed. Classes have been hectic and it was really hard going even though I had a bad fever. >=

A few weeks ago I went to Inokashira Koen to do Hanami. It is always amazing here when the sakura is out. I love those few weeks and wish it could last longer. I put some pics I took below.
Apart from that I went to see Kalafina live which was really fun apart from the fact this was the first day I was sick. I enjoyed their show and as usual was in amazement at their beautiful voices.:heart:
Also recently Game of Thrones finally aired on TV, the first story from one of my favourite book series A Song Of Ice and Fire. I’m really impressed over all at how well they are presenting it. I have a few small complaints but in general I think it’s pretty good compared to the book. I’m all for house Targaryen and Stark XD!!! Though as the novels progress I do like many characters from other houses which is one thing I love about this series. Anyways if anyone wants to know my fave characters are Daenerys, Jon Snow and Tyrion. If you havent watched it you should…though reading the books is even better!
Anyways I’ll be going South next week for a Golden week trip with Anne chan and Space. Ill write a journal when I return :heart:. Thanks so much to the people who follow/comment/fave me :heart: I’m really grateful!! Thanks to all new watchers!:heart:
Hope you are all well!!:glomp:

Also if you can please help :iconazareea: get a premium membership! She does commissions for points and is a very good artist :heart: Here are some pics of her work :heart:

Commission - Ocean by Azareea HBD Kenny by Azareea Kaito Kid by Azareea

Hanami pics :heart:









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Somehow my pic got chosen to be in Cosmode magazine!!!!:faint::dance::heart::) About two weeks ago I noticed on Cure cosplay that you could enter a picture for world wide cure x cosmode cosnaps, I’d heard that you could enter a pic on in the past but I’ve never posted on there so I’d never entered. I decided to put a pic in and spent about an hour looking at the many amazing entrants! Seriously after looking at those I thought I had no chance to ever get in!!! I don't know why I chose that pic either :lmao: and I still don’t get why I was chosen really but I’m so happy as I never thought I would be in cosmode! The pics are really small, like seriously, but its still such a great feeling!!! Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on twitter :heart: I guess its lame to feel so happy about it but to see my pic there as my favorite character ever  feels so nice ><. Its funny they wrote my name in kanji but I guess cos it is on cure xD .I also want to thank :iconfloatyman: for taking the picture! :heart::heart: If anyone wants to see its in volume 39 which came out a few days ago. :heart:

It was also awesome because my friend :iconlavena-lav: got in as well!!!! Its so cool to be in it with another cosplayer I know and love :heart:. Congrats again :glomp::hug:

Anyways I’m glad this happened as I really needed to be cheered up right now…everything here has been depressing lately and crazy. Also after recent photoshoots I have decided I need a better camera…in the small view on the cam the pics always look good but on the computer they are blown out which is hard to fix sometimes or grainy or just generally bad quality. I wish I knew some photographers here ><. I don’t have much money so it might take awhile to save for a better camera. I also have like zero inspiration at the moment and have no cosplay plans in mind…I think that’s a first =/. Anyways thanks again to everyone for their concern and support!!!!! :heart::blowkiss::love: Thanks to all my new watchers also!:heart::heart:

Bad phone pic of it xD